Outdoor barbeque designs

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Outdoor barbeque designs

This article is about outdoor barbeque designs. Before building a brick bbq in your backyard, you have to choose the right plans that fit your needs, tastes and budget. If you have landed on this webpage, you probably want to build a custom outdoor barbeque as you might be fed up with the common mobile grills, and you want something unique to freshen-up the look of your backyard patio. In this article we will show you several design options, starting with easy projects that can be done by any homeowner, up to more complex bbq that require several skills and larger amounts of money. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to our tips and customize these plans according to your own tastes and needs, and with little work you can cook meat and vegetables in your diy barbeque. Don’t forget to check the rest of our barbeque plans, as see detailed constructions projects.


Before starting the actual project, you have to decide if you want to build just a grill or you want to add a smoker, a pizza oven, built in appliances or even outdoor cabinets. This choice is difficult, but you have to plan the barbeque to the littlest details, otherwise you will waste time and money during the construction. From our own experience, we recommend you to add at least an adjacent table with a flagstone countertop, as it will facilitate the cooking process and ease the food storage. Irrespective of our choice, you should remember that these extra features will increase the total cost of the project, but will make your life a lot easier, especially if you plan to spend most of your weekends in your backyard together with family and friends.

On the other hand, you should also make up your mind from the very beginning if you want to fuel the barbeque with woods or you plan to use a gas grill. If you go for the first option, the only materials you have to buy are the bricks, concrete and metal support for the grill. On the other hand, if you are willing to invest a larger amount of money in your project, you can add all sort of equipment, such as an electric or gas grill, a pizza oven, a refrigerator to keep the beverages cool and cabinets to store your utensils. When buying these appliances from your local store, make sure they are designed for outside use and come with installation plans, otherwise you would have to pay a qualified specialist to do the job for you. Install the gas or electric grill in such a manner to allow you replace parts easily.

In order to build a brick barbeque, you need the following:


  • Bricks and refractory bricks (100-300 bricks and 20 refractory bricks)
  • Concrete (foundation and countertop)
  • Rebars for the reinforcing structure
  • Refractory cement
  • Metal supports for the grate
  • Built-in gas grill (optional)
  • 2x4s to build the formwork


  • Safety gloves, glasses
  • Wet saw (to cut the bricks)
  • Hammer, spirit level, carpentry pencil
  • Concrete mixer


  • We recommend you to check the rest of our bbq projects
  • Place the brick bbq far away from flammable substances
  • Read the local building codes before building the bbq
  • Work with attention and with good judgement


  • 1-2 weekends, two workers


 Simple outdoor barbeque designs

Outdoor barbeque designs

Outdoor barbeque designs

The first bbq design presumes the construction of several brick walls and of an adjacent table. This project should cost you the least amount of money, as you only have to buy about 100 bricks, cement, rebars and the metal poles that support the grill.

Although this barbeque has a simple design, it is efficient and will add value to your backyard. To build it, you need to master several masonry techniques like pouring concrete and laying bricks.

Brick bbq designs

Brick bbq designs

If you want to build a more complex barbeque, you should pay attention to this design. You should notice that the outdoor barbeque in the image,  has an angular design, but taking into account its shape, it’s still easy to build.

The main difference as compared to the previous design is that this barbeque requires a double amount of bricks, as you have to build the its top and the tall chimney.

Brick barbeque designs

Brick barbeque designs

If you want to build a barbeque with unique designs, but you want a more conventional shape, you should take a closer look to this project.

This is a wood-fired barbeque, very easy to build and with a pleasant look. If you know how to lay bricks, mix concrete and use a spirit level, then you won’t find the construction process hard at all. You just need to use the right plans for your needs and budget.


Outdoor bbq designs

Outdoor barbeque designs

Outdoor barbeque designs

When planning the outdoor barbeque designs, you should take into account its functionality. Therefore, we recommend you to add a table with a granite / flagstone countertop, storage cabinets and enough space around the construction to set a table with several chairs.

If you don’t like the natural look of bricks you can apply stone over the exterior faces of the bbq, by using cement based mortar and a sponge to clean the excess compound.

Outdoor barbeque designs

Outdoor barbeque designs

If you want a truely unique design, consider adding a pizza oven next to your barbeque. There are many ways in which you can build the both structures together, but the easiest method is make them share the same chimney. In this manner, you will save space, matarials and time.

Smart tip: Harmonize the design of the barbeque with the aspect of your house and garden and get the inspiration from the dominant lines.

Outdoor barbeque design

Outdoor barbeque design

The location of the outdoor barbeque is critical for the success of your project. Therefore, you have to comply with the building codes and make sure it is placed far enough from other structures or flammable substances.

Smart tip: When planning your outdoor barbeque, you should take into account the weather conditions. Therefore, use appropriate materials and consider building a roof for your construction, to protect it from rain and snow.


Thank you for reading our article about outdoor barbeque designs and we recommend you to check out the rest of our projects. Don’t forget to share our projects with your friends, by using the social media widgets.

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