Balcony railing designs

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Balcony railing designs

This article is about balcony railing designs. Building a balcony railing is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, but the hardest decision is about the design and materials one should use. Consequently, the list of options is almost infinite from traditional wooden railing to glass panels, composite materials or wrought iron. There is no correct or right decision, as it all depends on the design of your house. When choosing balcony railing design, you have to make sure it fits with the other decorative elements of your house and garden, to use the central theme, shapes, materials and colors. Therefore, you have to pay attention when deciding the balcony railing designs as to create a beautiful unitary appearance.


1. Another aspect you have to take into account when deciding on the balcony railing design is the cost of the materials. Consequently, although a wrought iron railing might look very appealing, you should know it comes at a higher price as compared to traditional balcony wooden railing. Therefore, you should spend a decent amount of time searching for the perfect balance between the cost and look of each option you have on your list.

2. Last but not least, you should be aware of the following fact: some balcony railing can be maintained easier than other, due to the materials they are made of. Consequently a composite railing will be easier to clean as compared to a balcony wooden railing, which needs to be repainted every 3-5 years, to get a fresh look.


In order to build an x-shaped balcony railing, you need the following:


  • 4×4 wooden posts
  • post anchors and screws
  • 2×3 timber for the x-shaped balusters
  • 3×4 bottom rail
  • 3×4 handrail
  • 6” wood screws
  • 3” screws for securing the balusters


  • safety gloves, glasses
  • circular saw and miter saw
  • hammer, spirit level, carpentry pencil
  • concrete mixer
  • electric screwdriver


  • use a laser level for accuracy


  • one weekend, two workers


Build balcony railing

House balcony

House balcony

First of all, you have to measure your balcony as to get its dimensions. In order to get the job done in a professional manner, you have to measure its width in more places, as to see if the balcony is even. Next, you have to use a 4′ spirit level to check the floor of the balcony. If you notice some problems, you have to adjust the balcony floor until you get the desired result. The preparation stage might look unimportant, but we assure you it is essential for your project.

Installing post anchors

Installing post anchors

Next, after you have prepared the balcony surface and you have chosen the railing design, you have yo install the post anchors. In order to do a professional job, you should use a tape measure and line chalk, as to make sure the post anchors are aligned.

Remember that you should place the post hardware equally space one with another, otherwise your balcony railing design won’t look good.

Installing balcony posts

Installing balcony posts

Next, you have to lock the wooden posts into position, by using several lag screws and a wrench key. This operation is not difficult, provided you use a spirit level and make sure the posts are plumb on all sides.

You should notice that you have to install posts along the walls, on both sides of the balcony railing. Use a water level to make sure the top of the posts are perfectly level.

Installing balcony bottom rail

Installing balcony bottom rail

Next, you have to install the bottom rail of your balcony railing. You should notice that on the middle of each bottom rail segment you have to install a floating post, by using a dowel joint, glue and a 6” wood screw.

It is important to follow these balcony railing plans, otherwise the space between the balusters will be too large. Choose the best materials you can afford, as to build a durable balcony railing.

Installing bacony balusters

Installing balcony balusters

Next, you have to cut and install the x-shaped balusters between the wooden posts. In order to do that, you have to drive in a couple of 3” wooden screws at each end of every baluster. The most efficient way to cut the balusters at angle is to use a good miter saw.

When securing the balusters, you have to make sure they are perfectly aligned, otherwise you won’t get the desired result.

Balcony wooden railing

Balcony wooden railing

Last but not least, you have to install the handrail. Consequently, the handrail should be secured properly to the balcony posts, as to lock it into position. You could use 6-7” wood screws to fasten the handrail to each post, after you have made pilot holes.

For a neat look, try to countersink the heads of the screws and fill them with wood putty.


Balcony railing designs

Balcony railings

Balcony railings

In this article we have talked about balcony railing design by illustrating this subject with a nice looking balcony railing with x-shaped balusters. This balcony might look simple, but we can assure you it will fit perfectly with a modern house or with a lodge house.

If you use pressure treated wood, your balcony railing will last for many years in a row. The only drawback is that you have to apply new coats of paint every 3-5 years, as to freshen up its look.


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